Our Refinery

Modification of oils and fats at our facility can be achieved using Hydrogenation, Interesterification, Winterisation and Blending.

Our refinery is a state-of-the-art multicomponent and, multiprocessing facility that processes both seed oils (Canola, Sunflower and Linseed) and tropical oils (palm oil and palm oil derivatives; palm kernel oil and palm kernel oil derivatives; and Coconut oil).

Our packing facility can produce packs ranging from 750kg IBCs to 125g bricks, as well as 210L and 20L drums. Our current packing facility handles Margarine, Shortenings, Frying oils and ingredients. With our wide range of processes, products can be tailor made to suit our customers’ specifications and satisfaction. Together with our Integrated Management system, we ensure that all products manufactured from our facility conform to our high standards.

For continuous improvement of our processes, Sime Darby Oils implements a Lean Six Sigma programme to manage and direct optimisation and improvement exercises under the leadership of 2 Black Belts, this programme runs through our entire business ensuring that every aspect of our operations performs as optimally as possible.