Frying Solutions

Vegetable oils and fats are important natural ingredients for most food products. Not only does it add important nutrients, but it also assists in making delicious and appetising food. At Sime Darby Oils we manufacture frying oils that are versatile in different frying settings and frying activities. Be it in fast food outlets, industrial frying of pre-fried frozen potato chips, commercial production of potato crisps and other fried food products.

The quality of the fried products not only depends on the frying conditions or the raw materials, but also on the type of oil. The oil used for frying becomes part of the fried food, because the oil plays an important role to transfer the heat into the product to get a natural crispiness.

Our Crispa Gold Premium Sunflower oil for example, is well known for its extra-long frying life benefits and stable characteristics because it is triple refined and also contains an antioxidant and antifoaming agent, which are characteristics of a good frying oil.