Bakery Solutions

Bakery products are amongst the most varying and complex in the food industry, characterized by a great variety of recipes and processes. The quality of a bakery fat, a key ingredient, has a profound influence on the bite and taste of the final product. For example, the fat content can range from a few percent in bread, up to 35% in soft cookies.

At Sime Darby Oils we are renowned for quality industrial baking fats in the form of margarines, pastry fats or shortenings because we understand that the best quality ensures best results. In selecting the right fat for each product there are also other several aspects to consider: dough making, baking procedure, moulding equipment and required shelf life.

Sime Darby Oils makes time to understand your processes and operations in order to offer you the most suitable product relevant to your needs. Some of our margarines, because of the low moisture content can also be used as a frying oil or butter replacement in shallow frying applications, providing an economical solution to your business.

Our bakery fats are packed in economy 10kg, 20kg, 25 kg packs, large 1080kg boxes or transported via tankers to accommodate customer production and operation requirements.